In our client’s third Ketamine session, we embark on an even deeper journey with her. After learning to sit with discomfort in the previous session, she is now exploring the art of reframing challenges and discouragement. This is a significant step in her journey. Through her eloquent reflections, we witness the gradual rewiring of her brain. While Ketamine works its magic on a chemical level, she diligently processes and applies the lessons learned from each session. We couldn’t be prouder of her progress and are delighted with the effectiveness of this treatment. Her words convey it far better than we ever could, so enjoy!

xoxo Rachel and Ryan

Session 3: Lucky Girl Syndrome

Session 3 kicked off with a frantic call from one of my kids. Like most young adults navigating their way through life, mom is often their first point of contact when trouble strikes. She’s been on a streak of bad luck that would make anyone feel like the universe had it out for them. After reassuring her that everything would eventually get easier, I prepared for my third treatment. Still carrying a touch of unease from the previous session, I settled into the chair, took my pre-meds, and centered myself with a few deep breaths. My IV was inserted, and I snuggled under the blanket, setting my intention to focus on gratitude.

The effects of the medication crept up on me, as they always do. At first, it seemed like nothing was happening, and then suddenly, I was swept away into a warm, secure dream. Describing what transpires during a Ketamine session, often referred to as a “K-hole,” is challenging. For me, it involves a sequence of images combined with a full-body experience, akin to a dream. When I say “full-body,” I mean that it feels as though my body is synchronized with the music, rising and falling in tune with its tempo. My body vibrates with energy, and while the warmth may partly be attributed to the cozy blanket, it feels as if the dreamland I enter is inviting and warm. Although there are no spoken words, the music guides me and shapes the landscape, as well as the sensations in my body.

This time, the images I encountered were all about happiness, or more accurately, luckiness. I recalled a viral TikTok in which a woman discusses what she dubs “Lucky Girl Syndrome” (or so I think she calls it). She explains that she repeats to herself every morning, “I am so lucky, and everything works out for me,” and as a result, things do indeed fall into place for her.

In my safe little Ketamine dream, my brain was overtaken by a severe case of Lucky Girl Syndrome. The images I saw reaffirmed repeatedly that I am the luckiest of them all, and things have consistently worked out for me. Even the challenges and burdens of the past ultimately served a purpose. During the session, it felt as though my brain was posing a crucial question: when we focus solely on the negatives (the red lights, the slow-moving coffee line, the myriad small daily inconveniences we encounter), do we rob ourselves of the Lucky Girl Syndrome? Have I wired myself improperly all these years by allowing the daily frustrations to overshadow life’s joys? After all, how many of us curse a red light, yet neglect to celebrate when it turns green? Perhaps the key to having everything work out is recognizing that it is, indeed, working out and cheering for those small, everyday things that bring happiness – opting to replace frustrations with joys.

What I took away from this session, apart from an evident boost in serotonin, is my commitment to viewing the universe as conspiring for me rather than against me. After all, I am undeniably the luckiest of them all.

Conclusion from R&R

We hope these reflections have contributed to demystifying the Ketamine experience. When administered correctly, with the right mindset and adequate support, this treatment offers a safe and effective means to combat the effects of depression.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

xoxo Rachel and Ryan