Since the very beginning, our commitment has been to offer a diverse range of services that support your holistic well-being, encompassing both your beauty and overall wellness. In addition to our beauty and skincare offerings, we’ve made it our mission to address unmet needs, break down societal taboos, and eliminate barriers to convenient and effective healthcare. In pursuit of this vision, we’re excited to introduce Ketamine to our portfolio of services.

Depression is currently the leading cause of disability in the United States, and mental health challenges result in a staggering $210 billion in lost earnings. Astonishingly, two-thirds of those grappling with depression do not seek treatment. The stigma surrounding mental health, coupled with apprehension, cost concerns, and the perceived lack of effectiveness, contribute to this troubling statistic. With all these factors in mind, we were motivated to provide a safe and effective treatment option in a comfortable spa setting.

One of our pioneering Ketamine clients demonstrated remarkable courage by not only embarking on a Ketamine journey to address her depression but also documenting her experiences to share anonymously with our community. She did so with the intention of demystifying the process, highlighting the benefits, and helping to alleviate any apprehension.

Her narrative possesses a captivating voice, characterized by honesty and the remarkable ability to invite readers on her personal journey. We sincerely hope you’ll find her “Ketamine Diaries” as enlightening as we do and encourage you to share these entries with friends and family who may benefit from Ketamine. If you believe this treatment could be helpful for you, we urge you to reach out to us.

For the next four weeks, we will release one diary entry per week.

Below is her account of her initial session.

xoxo Rachel and Ryan

Session One: The Induction

Ketamine is an anesthetic that has been repurposed to treat depression and other mood disorders. This treatment induces a state of “dissociation” during the process, which can be likened to a controlled journey, for lack of a better term.

Why would someone choose to undergo a controlled journey when they could simply take shrooms alone? For me, the allure of trying Ketamine stemmed from my aversion to long-term medications and the substantial research supporting the notion that this “journey” causes significant, measurable changes in the brain.

Depression has intermittently plagued my life since my early twenties. I mean, who hasn’t experienced it, right? In my younger years, I dabbled with SSRI’s, also known as antidepressant medications, following a bout of postpartum depression. To be honest, my exploration was brief and unenthusiastic, largely because the medications came with a slew of unwanted side effects. Coming from a family with a history of unmanaged mood disorders, I managed to convince myself that occasional bouts of depression were a normal part of life that one could push through. After all, I wasn’t confined to my bed for months at a time like my mother. I could function, masking and coping with my depression. It wasn’t until much later in life that I came to realize that navigating through depression was not normal and could be treated.

After extensive research, conversations with my primary care physician, and an evaluation at Lakeside Medspa, I arrived for my first Ketamine treatment. I chose Lakeside Medspa because of their expertise in sedation. Both Ryan, a seasoned anesthesia provider, and Rachel, a nurse with a sedation background, have the expertise to ensure my safety throughout the process in case anything went wrong. It’s important to note that this is a medical procedure involving sedation. I must confess, after reading online that a “bad trip” was possible, I was quite nervous that it might happen to me. What put me at ease was the knowledge that I would be continuously monitored, and if my infusion triggered any negative thoughts or feelings, they had the capability to halt the treatment and provide medications to alleviate those distressing experiences.

During the session, I was connected to monitors, had an IV inserted, and received medications to address potential nausea and blood pressure fluctuations, both of which can occur during the session. Fortunately, the pre-medications were effective, and I did not experience these side effects. I was then asked to set an intention for the session, guiding my experience. Letting go and not being in control of what was about to happen was undoubtedly scary for me, so my intention was to feel safe and loved.

I repeated these affirmations, and the IV slowly delivered the medication into my system. I waited, and it felt like an eternity before my body began to feel heavy and drowsy. I thought, “Here we go.” Again, I repeated, “I am safe, I am loved, I am safe, and I am loved.” And then, suddenly, and yet, it felt gradual, I found myself in this “dream” that was safe and filled with love, and it felt entirely real through all of my senses.

Perhaps it was because I had recently watched the movie “Avatar,” but suddenly, I was in a beautiful, warm landscape with familiar individuals who embodied love and security for me. There were also whimsical, playful fairy-like creatures that exuded profound feelings of safety, happiness, and love. Throughout the experience, there were moments when I opened my eyes to ground myself in the room, recognizing that I was in reality and under observation. However, I was swiftly drawn back into my cocoon of the safe and loving dream.

During the process, I was encouraged to listen to music without lyrics, and I was astonished by how profoundly the music influenced the experience. At times, the upbeat music made me feel as though I was soaring above the clouds, and then, abruptly, I was at the beach, with the warm waves lapping at my feet. At one point, I saw a family member who had passed away many years ago, with such vivid detail that had faded over time due to not seeing this person. This brought a few tears to my eyes. They were happy tears, reflecting my reunion with a family member who had represented love and security to me as a child. Suddenly, their face transformed into someone in my present life who symbolized the same love and safety. It was as though my mind was saying, “You are still unconditionally loved, despite your self-doubt. Stop telling yourself otherwise.” The entire experience for me was nothing short of magical. It wasn’t frightening or out of control.

As I started to emerge from the “dream,” I felt a bit disoriented, which I was told improves with each subsequent session. I felt somewhat unsteady, akin to the sensation of having consumed alcohol, and I was keen to get some rest. That night, I continued to have vivid dreams, but in a positive way; I still felt remarkably content and secure. I woke up with a mild headache that quickly dissipated, and I felt lighter, so to speak. Ketamine is administered in a series of treatments, so I didn’t anticipate that my entire life would change overnight. However, I did experience a sense of happiness and lightness, akin to a mild hangover. I am eager to observe how the sessions progress and to take you along on this journey.

According to both the research I’ve conducted and conversations with Ryan and Rachel, this is a crucial period for making behavioral changes. During this phase when the brain is healing, I intend to work on reducing screen time, increasing physical activity,